Cooling Tower Energy Saver


Principle of operation

A cooling tower works on the principle of forced fan cooling. The water in the cooling tower is made to flow with a lot of resistance through fibre pack/fills. During the flow, fan motor sucks the heat out, thereby result in cooling the water. Even after water gets cooled to this temperature, the fan motor continues to run unnecessarily, but as further cooling down of water is not possible. At this point, CTC stops the fan motor and restarts only when the temperature of water increases above the set level. It monitors water temperature from cold water basin by using electronic precision sensor and controls the operation of electrical motor. It switches ON OFF the fan motor as per the requirement based on temperature settings.


Temperature Time Switch is a Microprocessor based advanced programmable attachment for your air conditioners. It is based on latest generation micro controller technology & sophisticated intelligent software. Working : Some times when we are in middle of work , the A/C suddenly reaches an uncomfortable level of chill which is in spite of the thermo sate in the A/C. As a result it makes you disturb, the discomfort is not only the problem but it also results in undesirable working of A/C , which is wastage of energy.Temperature Time Switch in simpler terms will will control the run time of your compressor & prevent excess chill & in this entire process it saves around 20 ? 35% of your electricity bills.



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