Led High-Bay Lights


  The 150W high bay LED light is typically used in industrial application High brightness & superior light quality make 150W high bay is better for high ceiling application.  

The appearance of Sudhir 150W high bay LED light is similar to traditional high bay. But it saves more money & has lower light depreciation rates which can decrease the power consumption & mains casts without complicated installation and too much limited condition.

  Sudhir 150W LED high bay light provides a great light solution for industries lighting use in production hall, Ware house & stores.  
  Sudhir 150w LED high bay can produce an intense light in certain area. It can be easily installed& replace the traditional high bay lighting in ware house& Factory.  
  Technical Features  
  Watt- 150w, C W -6000K, beam Angle-80-120◦, Driver Ac -140-280v Ac  
  Color - cool white, warm white CRI-6000k, weight-4-5 kg, storage temp -20-60 deg C  
  Lumen -12600 4 mtr -938 Lm, 6 mtr- 417 Lm, 8 mtr- 234 lm, 10 mtr- 150Lm  
  12 mtr-120 lm& 16 mtr - 70Lm  


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