Solar Home Inverter

* System consists of III Solar module 12v 8 watt  
* Battery 12v 7 Ah  
* 3watt led luminary with dc to dc constant current circuitry more than 85% efficiency constant light output  
* Operation 3-4 hours  
* Autonomy 2 days  
* Low battery cut  
* Electronic Blocking (To protect against the reverse polarity connection of PV panel and prevent current from battery to panel at night time)  
* Temperature compensation for better battery charging for various climate and terrain  
* Battery reverses polarity protection with fuse  
* 3/4 LED indication systems for system and battery status  
* Efficient Over charge and deep discharge protection  
* Electronic overload protection avoiding blowing of fuse except in reverse battery  
* Short circuit protection on load side  
* Multi level overload protection.  


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