Solar Lanterns


Our solar lanterns are best suited to the rural areas where electricity is not available. Made of advanced techniques these lanterns provide efficient and durable service life. With less maintenance and easy handling these lanterns burns automatically whenever required.




Safe, efficient and reliable  
* Affordable  
* Easy to install  
* Maintenance - Free  
* No fumes or No smoke  
* Maximum light coverage  
* User selectable high/low intensity  
* Long lasting High Power LED'S  
* Micro controller Based High efficiency electronics  
* Aesthetically designed portable light  
* Available in different Models  
* A/c charging - optional  


Solar Digital Inverter 48/12 LED  
* Backup Time 10-12 Hrs.  
* Panel 3 Watt Charging AC/DC Both Battery 6V/4.5.  
* Night Lamp and Mobile Charging facility.  


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